Friday, 24 April 2015

Illustrator Visit

The children had an exciting visitor and got to enjoy a day of illustration, organised by FOBS. We were very fortunate, as we had the excellent drawing skills of a well known illustrator, Tony De Saulles. He came and joined the children for the day to teach them some exciting drawing techniques. Tony is well known for illustrating the Horrible Science series of books. He's been an illustrator for many years, and does fantastic school visits with workshops for the children to join in. His workshops are very interactive, and the children get to shout out what they'd like him to add to his drawing - as well as all drawing along with him.

We were lucky enough to have Tony with us for the whole day, and he did drawing sessions with the whole school.

He started off by drawing a snail on a fork, and then moved on to small fish being eaten by bigger fish! The children found all his illustrations very amusing. He showed them techniques to draw different facial expressions, slime, dangerous creatures, blood - all in his cartoon style.

Most of the teachers also had a go too at drawing - I expect many hidden talents were discovered!

Tony's visit was very inspirational for the children, and we are very pleased he was able to visit us. He left us with all his lovely drawings that we will frame and put up around the school. He also dedicated, to the school, one of his books to go in the library.

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